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The Tower Brass Quintet has been recognized by the Lake Erie West People's Choice awards as one of the three most popular instrumental ensembles in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.


"... members of this group have a lot going for them. Prodigious scholastic credentials, beautiful instruments, a healthy length of time together, as well as phenomenal technique, give them the confidence to program and play music that lesser groups might shy away from."

"The Tower Brass Quintet played plenty of good, stout-hearted music on this evening of early winter's chill."

- Rick Justice, Charleston Daily Mail

"A smattering of Bach - David Baldwin's transcription of Bach's arrangement of a Vivaldi Concerto along with the famous "Air on the G String" - let the ensemble demonstrate its ability to wind out lovely, long contrapuntal lines."

- David Williams, The Charleston Gazette

"The Tower Brass...gave a seasonal concert full of wit and satire that was a pleasant twist on the usual Christmas fare."

- Willa Conrad, Toledo Blade

"Emma's Christmas...was a hoot. They took the familiar and, frankly, improved upon it."

- Janet Mareneau, The Saginaw News

"They're rock solid in the rhythm and technical department, and they get a close-knit brass ensemble tone as well as superb individual tones. The Tower Brass Quintet is a top-brass delight."

- The Oak Ridger, Oak Ridge, TN

"...contagious spirit, beautiful tuning, superb technique and musicianship. But most importantly they played like a seasoned ensemble, a mixture of precision and relaxation that is the best recipe for musical success."

- The Toledo Blade, Toledo, OH
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